ecotom kneeling pad
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set
Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set

Ecotom Kneeling Pad 1-piece set

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17.7 x 11.2 x 1.4 Inch Foam Padding Bath Kneeler – Multifunctional Knee Protector with Ergonomic Built-In Handle – Ideal as Bath Mat Knee Pads, Garden Kneeler 1-piece set.

The Perfect Solution: Whether you’re tired of constantly dealing with knee discomfort and pain while scrubbing the floors or potting your house plants, or you simply want to enjoy a comfortable yoga session, the Ecotom foam floor mats are exactly what you need! 

Non-Deforming and Durable: These knee pads for work are made with superior quality, highly durable materials, a combination of ultra-thick 1.4 inch foam and leather-like anti-slip back, being easy to clean and designed to withstand the test of time without deforming! 

Enhanced Knee Support: Featuring upgraded dimensions which provide excellent support, this garden kneeling pad promote optimal alignment and posture, at the same time protecting your cartilage and helping prevent soreness or joint pain! 

Incredibly Versatile: The Ecotom baby bath kneeler has wide applications in your everyday life, being an excellent tool for gardening work, yoga, meditation, as a prayer mat, exercise mat, car repairs, plumbing, housework, floor scrubbing, cleaning and more! 

Waterproof and Portable Design: Unlike similar products on the market, this repotting mat enjoys a portable, lightweight design, featuring a built-in ergonomic handle. The waterproof texture is ideal for infant bath time or outdoor use! 

Ecotom focuses on providing innovative and affordable kneeling pads & cushions which are meant to make your job easier, without compromising on your health or comfort. We make it a rule from working only with premium grade materials and reliable suppliers, in order to live up to your rigorous expectations. Not 100% pleased with your purchase? Our customer care department is at your disposal and will immediately address any issues or concerns!

Multifunctional Kneeler Pad for Superior Knee Protection

The Ecotom foam floor mats perfectly combine functionality with comfort, being an excellent choice for protecting your delicate knees while performing a wide range of house-related activities! Made with superior 1.4” foam, with a lightweight and waterproof design which is easy to carry around, plus intelligent anti-slip bottom for proper fixation on any type of surface, these knee pads for work provide excellent balance and encourage a healthy body posture, keeping injury risks to a minimum!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

• Dimensions: 17.7 inch x 11.2 inch x 1.4 inch;
• 1-piece set;
• Ultra-thick and non-deforming density foam;
• Waterproof and durable;
• Modern grey color;
• Optimal protection against soreness, joint pain, knee injury;
• Easy to carry and portable with built-in handle;
• Ideal gardening kneeler, infant bath mat, for yoga, prayer, meditation, exercise, floor cleaning, DIY projects;
• Anti-slip leather based bottom for user-friendly and safe experience.

Keep your knees healthy and focus on your work with these premium knee protector pads!

Customer Reviews

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Morgan Ibarra

Ideal kneeling pad

Sheri Patel

Bought many times, it has many uses

Debbie Hinojos

Good quality

Jon Baldwin

Multipurpose pad

Debra Castillo

Thick, comfortable and protectiv

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