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Providing results within a matter of days, EcoTom has been one of the leading brands of 2021. It's Booty Bands, Exercise Dice, and Kneeling Pads have been engineered to provide the best possible comfort and strenght to you.

Leading you to your fitness goals, to enjoying your workout, and even from undesirable knee pain.

Engineered to perfetion

Booty Bands

Over 500,000 women love our durable EcoTom™ booty bands!

Fabric resistance bands that never break or roll from it's position.


Set of 3 fabric booty resistance bands (light, medium, strong). All are perfectly-sized with extra stretch to fit all body types!

No breaking, no rolling, no slipping! Features inner grip strips to keep them in place with reinforced stitching. Will never stretch out or perish.

300% more glute activation: Feel the burn right away, see faster and better results.


You can workout anywhere, it's ideal and easy to carry. Mulitple different types of workouts for you to enjoy and activate your muscles for the ultimate growth

Tone, shape, burn fat or prevent injury, with results in just a few short weeks. Real results in just 15 mins a day!

Every Band fits! We vary the resistance of the fabric to change the band strength levels. This means a perfect fit every time and a better workout!


The Exercise Dice will fit your workouts! It is meant for you to do different and various types of workouts to surpass your goals and challenges!


The Exercise Dice comes with a workout booklet! Our 3 dice colors feature workout reps, a lower level of intensity, and a higher level of intensity.

EcoTom™ Exercise Dice
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ecotom Exercise Dice for Home Workouts - Fitness Dice with Unique Exercises and Instructions - 3 Pack Workout Dice for Gym, Crossfit WOD, Bodyweight HIIT, Cardio and Sports Training

  • EASY TO CARRY Exercise Dice set with a mesh carrying bag wherever and whenever you want. Whether you stay home, go to the park or to the gym, take your exercise dice set
    with you.

  • PERFECT FITNESS GIFT our ecotom Exercise Dice is a perfect workout gift for everyone, for women, men and kids! A perfect gift for your parents, for your friends or other loved one. Keep your loved ones rolling and healthy.

  • NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED no heavy and unnecessary workout tools needed. Our ecotom Exercise Dice are ready and easy to use and doesn`t require any setup or additional equipment to use.

  • NO QUESTIONS 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 1 YEAR WARRANTY. We provide you 100% Satisfaction. We offer you a replacement or a full refund if for any reason you aren't satisfied. Simply contact us through Amazon if you have any questions or problems and we are always here to serve.

  • WORKOUT EVERYWHERE The Exercise Dice gives you capability opportunities for every roll. The dice set is extremely-lightweight and fits into any pocket, most significantly, the dice supply a awesome full frame exercising you could do everywhere. Your workout has no limits - exercise every time, anywhere - domestic, indoor fitness center, tour, park...

Bundles include: pack of three exercise dice, The reps and seconds (gray), The Intermediate lower level (light green), The higher level  (dark green) and a health exercise guide booklet that helps in understanding every workout. Simply roll, do sporting activities and advantage muscle tissue. Reps and seconds consist of number of reps from 10 to 30 with the difference of 2 reps, seconds move from 30 to 90. Help in doing workout like front kicks, duck walk, and frog jumps. The lower level exercise dice contains different exercise of lower level includes, lunges, flutter kicks, hip circles, jumping jacks, clamshell, frog jumps, butt kicks, front kicks, power skips, dead bus, wall sit, and squats. While the professional one have printed a number of exercises of professional level like planks, crunches, sit ups, mountain climbers, pushups, and crab walk.

High recommendation: live healthy and amusing life, no more chance get bore during exercise. Flip your workout in to a sport. Just roll the exercising cube and notice what workout to do next. Each workout is bodyweight - no need for any clunky fitness add-ons, device, or resources. Perfect for organization schooling, boot camp, or journey. Perfect for all and amature - youngsters, adults, guys, or ladies. Awesome items in your preferred private teacher, instruct, or cherished one. Live match, have fun, and in no way lose interest of the equal antique fitness routine at domestic or the gymnasium once more! Turn your exercise in to a game - just roll the 12 sided exercise cube and see what exercising to do subsequent. Each dice is three inches in diameter and comprised of light-weight foam for ease of use.

Extremely needed: No requirement of high priced supplies and system anymore. workout consists of electricity education, aerobic, HIIT and cross healthy WOD exercises can be done by using these dices. best for boot camp, institution instructions, gymnasium, PE, or at domestic. Physical games include Push Ups, Squats, Lunges, Triceps Dips, Wall Sits, Planks, reverse Crunches, Bicycles, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Pike Push Ups, and Wild Card (roller's preference!) All exercises are body weight workout routines, so no want for expensive elements and gadget. Just roll the dice! Exercise consist of electricity schooling, cardio, HIIT, and Cross Fit WOD workout routines. Exercise dices are best for boot camp, institution instructions, gymnasium, PE, or the house.

Portable: The cube gives you capability opportunities for every roll. The dice set is extremely-lightweight and fits into any pocket, most significantly, the dice supply a awesome full frame exercising you could do everywhere. Your workout has no limits - exercise every time, anywhere - domestic, indoor fitness center, tour, park... purchase yours today and notice the distinction for your daily exercise. Lightweight made with gentle foam with a durable vinyl cowl money and space-saving in case you don't have manner for heavy or complicated system. The most effective feature is being portable and wherever you can take away with you and do your exercise.



Our Kneeling Pad is for various types of occupations, activities, and more! It's ability to be multi-purpose makes it unique and unmatchable.


It's thick comfortable layers let your knees and full body relax. Say goodbye to your knee and back pain.


EcoTom™ has helped many women and men reach their goals, with our newly re-designed products that workout various parts of your body and help you surpass your potential.

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“I’m 33 yrs old, wife & a momma of 2 beautiful girls. Sometimes our busy life’s keep us from not wanting to workout. But ladies it’s self care & we all need it! Believe it or not I normally workout with my bands 20- 30 min 4-5 days a week with these bands.”

Linda H.

"Great booty bands, exercise dice, and even the kneeling pad. My family uses all of these and I have actually seen positive results. A purchase I will never regret!

Cindy F.

"These Booty Bands are amazing! They are super stable and comfortable on your skin. I always had the problem that bands don’t stay in their place and roll up, but that won’t happen with these! They are so strong that I can even reach hypertrophy when I do isolation exercises for my booty."

Keisha J.

The booty bands are quite flexible and i love them!! I believe booty bands add an essential for major gains in the gym! These are made of a quality fabric and I know they will hold up through my intense workout sessions. I’m going to upload a video on my hip thrusts. My booty is so
soreee right now! Also great when doing squats, fire hydrants, or kickbacks! The colors are really nice too.

Jennifer W.

If you want to do Pilates, buy these. There’s nothing extra elasticity than the rubber ads moving at some stage in a workout and digging into your skin. Those are extraordinary. My studio’s thinking about shopping those due to how lots simpler those are to apply.

Michelle H.

Those are so cool!!! They’re without a doubt larger than I idea although. at first I idea they had been normal length dice however they're a foam kind fabric and large sufficient that one suits in my hand. They are first-rate due to the fact I’m able to toss them and that they won’t get damaged or wreck.

Nicole B.

This cube set of workout routines are extraordinary, for aerobic and body weights workouts , it’s so amusing to dice and start running out, they're precise to paintings all body, i exploit them 30min with very little relaxation and also you burn a lots of energy, begin with smooth , medium after which the hardest.

Michael C.

I’m drawing near my mid-70 and getting up and down is honestly not getting any less difficult. My old and I’d upload worthless kneeling pad become approximately half” thick and hard to transport. This one maintains me off the ground and out of pain. It’s less difficult to
stand up for 2 motives: it’s better and that I’m no longer buried inside the grounds unevenness. Love this pad.

Angelique R.

I purchased this because I didn’t need to place on knee protectors and this knee cushion is super assist! Its smooth on the knees and the scale is best. The knee cushion protects my knees from choppy ground and rocks once I’m working out of doors. I’m able to now work on matters a lot longer due to this knee cushion. You can inform it has layered memory foam to support your knees. WORKS outstanding!

Timeka G.

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